Creating: Collaborating in Jersey City

Photographed by Willis Lam

Photographed by Willis Lam

July 7, 2014.  It was a really nice day out in Jersey City, in the Exchange Place area.  The view across the river was stunning, both during the day and night.  The gentle breeze felt good, and made me just want to sit and think, rather than dance, but…I did it anyway!  Since I’ve moved to the east coast from California, I’ve barely gotten to see the sun this strong, and I forgot how sunny it could really get…hence a T-shirt tan by the end of the day. It was worth it.  Today’s experience was a lot of fun and I didn’t realize how exhausted I was by the end of the day!

This short project was a collaboration with my friend, Willis Lam, who drove pretty far down to Jersey City (so THANK YOU and SORRY, Willis!) There was no pre-production planning for this, so we just improvised as we got inspired by the space and the atmosphere.  The background was breathtaking, so I even ended up dancing without music (and then just edited in “Moondust” by Jaymes Young later).  We kind of just went with the flow and experimented.  The shots came out really interesting and I was quite happy with the variety of perspectives that we got; thank goodness for having someone else film and for having someone else’s viewpoint of what the dance could look like, because it’s been a challenge filming by myself and not wanting to use any complicated equipment.  Editing was also made easier because of having more useable and a wider range of shots, and not limited to just static shots, like when I film by myself!  Edited this from midnight to 3:00AM, so hopefully it’s okay for now.

Overall it was a cool experience, and it was definitely fun hanging out, so hope you enjoy the clip and some attached photos taken by Willis.  You can also check out more of his stuff on Flickr.

Photographed by Willis Lam

Photographed by Willis Lam


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