Last Job and Vlogging the Lantern Festival

Finally quit my job and taking a month off to finish off summer school!  Here are some photos shot from the last project, mid-June, as General Manager, at Jennifer Muller/The Works.  The full album can be found at:

Here are a few of my favorites to share:

The photos shot were from Jennifer Muller’s and Margo Sappington’s choreographies. ¬†I simply shot for their archival use, and not for myself or any commercial purposes.

Finally, after leaving that job (and will try to find a new one), I had a bit of time to breathe, so here is a new video from the Lantern Festival in Philadelphia on June 25th!ūüôā

Enjoy! ¬†More videos to come VERY soon…

No, it’s not okay.

So I don’t know why, but I just came across this “gossip,” you can say, or article two years later.

But it is not okay to tell someone to just “chill,” after you use their choreography and by just giving them credit. ¬†Just like it is not okay to JUST use someone’s music and just crediting them (especially a big organization/company who are making money off of using others’ artistic propertty, AND can afford to pay), and how music is copyrighted and you need to pay royalties… really isn’t okay to use someone’s movement and to not hire them! ¬†You get flagged and called out for using someone’s music….then it should be the same for dance movement (and I don’t mean one movement…I mean whole phrases and sequences of movement). ¬†Granted, it is not as easy to regulate dance, but an effort should still be made…or at least the original choreographer should have the right to call it out for plagiarism.

I don’t want to be a hypocrite, because¬†I do use music and only credit them, but that is also because I am not making money off of anything and simply for sharing purposes. ¬†It is not the same when you are using someone’s choreography that is shown nationwide and internationally…sure, giving them credit is a lot of support and probably leading more audiences to that artists’ work, but don’t take it for granted! ¬†Dancers deserve to get paid and to make a living off of what they do too!

Why do people continually think that it is okay to take advantage of dancers/choreographers just because they are doing what they love?  Why do dancers not speak up about it, and then why do they get hate for finally speaking up?!

Dancers need to eat.  Dancers deserve credit and respect too for trying to make a living out of their dreams.  The only way they can do that, is if people start giving them to respect and support that they deserve, and dancers start fighting for what it!

#RantOver …Sorry…had to write this somewhere, for myself, haha. ¬†I’ll be quiet now and just share something a bit more fun.

I came across this article because I was excited about YG’s new group, Black Pink, and saw this video.

…which was great!¬†And then I saw the original by Parris Goebel! ¬†I am sure this is NOT the scenario as mentioned above, since she seems to have worked with YG quite a few times. ¬†This is definitely not what I was talking about above, just thought I’d share the videos.


Travelling Home – Last Two Days

Can’t believe time went by so quickly and it was our last two days. We didn’t stop though, and kept exploring til the last day. Hope you enjoy some of our adventures ay Wat Phra Kaew (which was so hot, humid, and CROWDED) the day we went, as well as the Wattachak Building.

Wat Phra Kaew, is a famous tourist attraction in Bangkok, and I think I’ve only visited once when I was very young. ¬†It is 500 Baht for foreigners and free for Thai citizens. ¬†Thank goodness, I didn’t have to pay! ¬†It is absolutely beautiful and intricate in design. ¬†However, it was so, so crowded, that it was quite difficult to see much. ¬†We didn’t even get to go into see the Emerald Buddha. ¬†Nonetheless, it was still a great experience.

Because we couldn’t go to the Ghost Tower (Sathorn Unique Tower) on the first day, as¬†it became harder to persuade the guard to let us in, we discovered a different building, which as just 10 minutes away from home. ¬†The Wattachak is another abandoned building covered in artwork and graffiti. ¬†It was much quieter, no tourists (well, we were the only ones on the weekday), it was cheaper to get in (50 Baht per person), and it was really cool – well worth it! ¬†We ended up filming another dance video there, in case you missed my posts previously:

We had good dinners on both nights, and ended off the trip right! Shout out to my mom, aunt and cousin for treating us to such delicious foods.

As a bonus, I added some clips from Hong Kong. I stopped by a few days to visit my aunts, uncles, and grandma. I didn’t get very many shots because we were so busy (shopping and eating), and so most of the shots I got were of food. I wish I could have stayed at either places longer, but maybe this summer…when I just have school and manage to quit or switch jobs?? I don’t know. ¬†I can’t wait to be home again though, I miss the food and the stress-free lifestyle. ¬†On the other hand…back in NYC, work has started and school starts tomorrow for me, so¬†let the stress begin! ¬†Until my next vacation/trip.ūüôā

Thanks for watching! Please watch the rest of the playlist if you haven’t already!